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UFC far exceeded my expectations! I am not a group traveler typically, but this one I didn’t mind. I met a lot of beautiful people.

Although Tanzania is already a beautiful place, it was a memorable experience because of UFC. Everything was very well organized, and encapsulated everything from ‘nights out’ to cultural experiences, a great mix.

The host, Queenie and Eric, were very accommodating, patient, helpful, and a job to be around.

If you’re thinking of booking a trip with UFC, do it!! Aaaannd… where else can you pay for an entire trip, activities included, in payments?! Just do it, you won’t regret it

Marley - Stamp'd In Tanzania


Group trips were not on the top of my travel priority list as Personal preference but Urban Flight Collective have converted me and here is why. There was open communication met with solutions from the very beginning with all questions and concerns. I had an issue with one of the airlines and Queenie was proactive in making sure I was taken care of, she went above an beyond what I expected never once making me feel like I burdened her at any point. All the thought and planning that went on behind the scenes never went unnoticed or unappreciated. If you follow their social media accounts you’ll see first hand some of the research and diligence that happens before groups are even taken anywhere and no two trips will ever feel the same as they are about elevating the experience every time. I left the Motherland feeling valued, educated, fulfilled and positively overwhelmed. I hope to experience more cultural experiences with UFC in the near future. Money well spent!

Alena - Stamp'd In Tanzania


This was my first group trip with them and I had an amazing time! I didn’t know anyone before going but that forced me to get out of my comfort zone a bit and get to know people. Queenie and Eric were very professional and responsive to any questions that I had and made themselves very accessible. On the actual trip, they kept us updated on any changes that were happening within the itinerary and I appreciated that a ton. El Salvador itself was dope but the cherry on top was knowing that everything else (as far as the hotel, transportation to the excursions/from the airport etc.) was taken care of.

Marcus - Stamp'd In El Salvador


Erick and Queenie were so professional, very knowledgeable, and polite, which made our stay in El Salvador so much fun. They really paid attention to what we liked and what our interests were and customized the tour to our needs for the best experience possible. I really had a great time and would recommend Erick, and Queenie to anyone who wants to travel to El Salvador.

Arnoldo - Stamp'd In El Salvador


Traveling with Urban Flight Collective has been one of my most life enriching memories. I was able to visit Africa for the first time and gained new experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. From the initial sign up, to my return back home, Queenie & Eric handled everything with so much care, professionalism, and attention to detail. I truly am so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to travel with such an amazing group! This trip was more than just fun in the sun, it was an experience filled with so much history, culture, and memories to last a lifetime! If this is something you’re looking for as well, I HIGHLY recommend Urban Flight Collective as your hosts

Danessa - Stamp'd In Tanzania 


I am heading to Zanzibar with The Urban Collective !!! Over the course of the last few months , the hosts has been nothing but supportive, communicative and well structured.Looking forward to sharing my experience when I return.

Bianca - Stamp'd In Tanzania 


As someone who has been on many group trips, urban flight collective is definitely my favorite! Not only are their trips extremely affordable, they are very balanced! You get a great balance of culture, fun, and tourist attractions all in one! The hosts are also very easy going and easy to talk to if you need anything! I’ll be going on every trips they put out. If you want have a full experience of a country, definitely go on an urban flight group trip!

Nae - Stamp'd In El Salvador

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