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"Youth in Urban Cities like Philadelphia, Aren’t Taught to Travel Abroad"

Why are little black and brown children in urban communities not taught to travel abroad for intellectual development? But taught to work hard, pick up a trade, engage in manual labor, serve in fast food chains or train for a sport.

We are taught to work harder, not smarter, in which only benefits the surrounding communities…leaving our own neighborhoods run down. This eventually leads into gentrification, in result pushing us out of the areas in which we helped build.

Do we blame parenting? The education system? Systematic oppression? The media?

A little of it all?

Philadelphia native, Joseph Burke (Jay) is an up and coming vlogger who shares his budget travel experiences with his community on Instagram (@jaymeetsworld__) and Youtube. But not only is Jay a content creator, he is also a new thriving real estate agent in the Tri-State area. (@tri_statej)

We asked Jay, what would he tell his younger self? Also asking him, How did growing up in the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia) affect his mindset about travel?

Jay Explained:

He would tell his younger self; to travel often to gain perspective and strive to experience other world views, instead of being so confined to views based on American culture. Step out of your comfort zone, learn a ton of worldly history, be more of a risk taker and adventurer.

Growing up in Philadelphia, it was never really a thing to venture out and travel abroad. A lot of Philadelphians in my opinion do not broaden their horizons and always stick to what they know.

Youth in Urban Communities like Philadelphia aren’t taught to Travel Abroad, ya know”.

Jay used his grandmother as an example:

Although she grew up in different times where they might've not had the same resources and freedom to travel, it was never a thought and I notice a lot of young people today have the same mindset.”

If Jay were to tell anything to modern day youth in his city he would tell them that:

I would tell them that they are able to achieve and do whatever they put their minds too and to not ever limit themselves. I would express that traveling does not always have to be expensive, unless you make it expensive. Budget, plan ahead, research and watch various vlogs on destinations you want to travel to. There are tons of resources and travel apps, out now to use to your advantage, do not overlook that."

This future real estate mogul and vlogger has a goal to reach 100 countries and write his own travel ebook. One day he wants to be able to be a full time travel vlogger with thousands of Youtube subscribers.

So help him reach his goal by subscribing here. (Jay Meets World)

As we conclude we are still left with the tough question…Why aren’t we taught about black or brown travel expeditions? But taught about the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria and Columbus “Discovering New Lands”. Why were we not taught about generational wealth, businesses and building credit?

Questions like these are still left open for discussion that will probably never be answered.

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