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Being Black In South Korea

Candace Green went from living in Texas to South Korea, something that a lot of people have never thought about doing before. Candace says that during the week, Monday - Friday, she is working as a Kindergarten and early primary English teacher at a hagwon (Korean private school). “This move abroad was a complete career and lifestyle change for me, but I have been having so much fun as a first year teacher. On the weekends and on my free time, I work on creating and writing content for my blog and social media accounts to share a bit of insight into everyday expat life and the bittersweet moments of teaching abroad.”

Candace goes by @bittersweetcandi_ on Instagram and shares her experience living in South Korea for her audience to see. “The best thing about living in South Korea is the convenience of everything. The public transportation is so reliable and easy to maneuver throughout the entire country. Plus Korea is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, which is really assuring as a foreigner living overseas”. In a time where COVID cases are still increasing in some areas of the world Candace points out how well Korea has been able to manage and keep the number of COVID cases primarily low compared to the U.S. “All of these things combined have given me peace of mind and why I like living here”.

With a lot of bloggers taking the big leap and deciding to move abroad they are inspiring their audience to consider doing the same. With the Black Lives Matter movement people are considering moving abroad more than ever. Moving abroad can sound very ideal but it’s also good to remember that you have to weigh the pros and cons. Candace says her biggest pet peeve and dislike about living in South Korea is the lack of personal space out in public, especially during peak hours on the metros, buses, and trains. “The biggest change thus far has been getting used to living in a homogeneous culture. Growing up in Houston, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the U.S., to now living in Korea where diversity amongst the population is rare has been a big adjustment for me. Even the concept of "mixing" or "interracially dating" is still frowned upon in society here.”

An international move can be very challenging but it can also teach you things that you may not have otherwise learned. Candace shared that her international move has taught her gratitude and how to allow space for grace and growth. “Traveling to Korea and living in Korea are two totally different experiences. I knew my preconceived ideas about Korea from prior trips and layovers would not be the same as actually living here. Being in a country so culturally different from the U.S. has humbled me to become more intentional in the way I live and travel as a whole. I did not realize before this move how consumed I was with trying to see as many new places and new countries every year, that I am grateful to be giving the time to practice immersion and stillness during this time in my life”

Be sure to catch all of Candace’s content sharing parts of her life in Korea on her Instagram platform @bittersweetcandi_

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