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How Canada’s Strict Covid Restrictions Didn’t Stop This Luxury Traveler’s Vision

Malaika Lue, a Toronto native is a Super Entrepreneur who not only owns her own fashion boutique, but also is the creator of her own Canada based Luxury Travel Company; JetSet Squad.

She has been to 42 countries and counting. Traveling to other countries has blessed her in many ways giving her the ability to learn and embrace other cultures, it has even inspired her to start learning a new language.

This Wanderlusting Fashionista has always been interested in travel. But when she started sharing her experiences on social media she was surprised to see how many people were interested in joining her on her experiences around the world.

Jetset Squad was born! It has since become a community for travel enthusiasts who are passionate about creating new experiences and exploring different cultures around the globe.

But as we all know, in Early 2020, the world was hit with a deadly pandemic and it has changed the travel industry indefinitely. Canada has been one of leading countries in battling the virus with the strictest travel restrictions. Although I’m sure many Canadians appreciate how the pandemic is being handled, globetrotter entrepreneurs such as Malaika still had the desire to wiggle her way onto a plane.

The covid restrictions in Canada were very difficult to navigate, making one of her winter Ski Group Trips almost impossible because of the constant postponements over a year due to strict gathering limits in place.

“It was extremely frustrating…many of the airlines, vendors, and accommodations weren't cooperating to give any refunds to my company and guests”

But the Pandemic taught her valuable lessons in resiliency, which helped tighten and strengthen the business. Now she always makes sure she always has a plan B.

Malaika was actually able to put forth her resiliency and have her JetSet Squad Ski group trip in December 2021. Take at a look at how it went here!

Adding to her impressive travel resume she also took an amazing personal trip to Ghana during Afrochella! She there tried new food, like fufu, met other travelers, attended festivals, elite events, and stayed at very luxurious hotels.

If this wonder woman doesn’t inspire you! I absolutely don’t know what will! Follow her on Instagram @malaikalue

Stay on the lookout for a possible Ghana Jetset Squad Retreat!

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