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5 Benefits Of Traveling With Your Spouse From A Law Graduate

Chelsea and Corey, newly weds, reside in Orlando, Florida and have been traveling together since 2019. Their first trip together as a couple was to Cancun, Mexico, a week before Corey proposed to Chelsea and from her graduation from law school. Cancun was also Coreys first international trip. "Honestly, it was his first real trip/ vacation. He traveled often for football but he was never able to enjoy himself. It was a funny trip because everybody thought we were engaged or already married. I remember posting on my story if one more person ask if we are married I’m going to lose it! I am assuming we had a special glow because he proposed a a few days after my graduation which is why we went on the trip!"

Chelsea and Corey have been traveling together since their first Mexico trip back in 2019 and have traveled to 10 US states and 7 countries so far together.

Chelsea's Instagram page @chelseakiaratravels inspires couples of all walks of life to travel together as they grow in love. Chelsea was kind enough to share 5 benefits of traveling with your significant other:

1. Knowing your partner

I have been able to learn my husband better on each trip. I have found out his version of fun, relaxing and what kind of souvenirs he likes to purchase. It has also helped me plan our trips better. Furthermore, I like to challenge his comfort levels on trips. For example, he used to be terrified of heights. So I have been slowly adding height excursions to our trips. He now has become more confident and comfortable with heights.

2. Communication

Communication is big. Our biggest issue has been communication. Traveling allows us to strengthen our communication weakness. We have been able to become more in sync with each other after each trip.


For the most part, I book the trip and the activities without his input sometimes. My husband is on the cautious side of things. He puts his trust in me that everything will be ready to go on our trips. He knows I will not steer him the wrong way and gives me full control on our adventures.

4. Compromise

Compromise is also a big one. I am very adventurous. Sometimes, I have to open to compromise on excursions because I do not want him to be uncomfortable during the activity. On the contrary, because I’m adventurous, he has to compromise as well by going outside his comfort levels. When it comes to trying new foods, I will eat anything at least once where as my spouse pallet is not as curious. I always tell him to at least try a bite and he will up to a point. I have been fascinated by eating exotic items so on our last trip, I tried grasshoppers and crickets. He only did the grasshoppers which was a fair trade!

5. Positivity

When I travel, I do not let anything get me down on the trip. I do not want an inconvenience ruining the experience. Traveling has allowed my husband and I to learn how to embrace an inconvenience and turn it into a funny story to tell later!

Chelsea says the best baecation country they've been to so far has been Paris,France. "I know there is controversy about France, however that has been both of our favorite baecation. Eating at a Michelin star restaurant over looking the Eiffel tower is a top notch experience. Visiting the tower at night with a bottle of wine and cheese was so special. We had such bliss joy in France. We also went to Disneyland Paris and stayed at a Disney hotel which heightened the experience. Paris has so much to offer if you know where to look. Every restaurant we dined was an amazing experience. It’s a romantic destination and Paris is our happy place. Issa Rae got married in France so that should tell you something."

Chelsea and Corey love the fact that traveling not only allows them to experience new things together but it also streghtens their relationship. Chelsea explained that when she and Corey were on their first honeymoon they flew to Las Vegas the Monday after their wedding and took a day trip to Utah. Chelsea usually drives on vacations because she is a more seasoned traveler than Corey but he wanted to drive that day. The drive was going well until the car acceleration started to grow weaker. The couple was shortly on the side of the Interstate! Unbeknownst to them, they were stopped in a very racist area. The mustang completely powered down and they did not have any ac or power. They were stuck for about 2 hours. "He remained calm and tried to make me as comfortable as possible because it was slightly getting hotter. An international couple checked on us to make sure we was safe and they were the ones who informed us of our location. It was great to see him not Panic and remain calm while we waited for the tow truck. He also handled the dispute at the counter when it was time to turn the car in because I was exhausted and had zero energy to argue with someone. I was truly impressed with him."

Corey and Chelsea are a power couple ready to take on the world one country at a time! You can follow their journey on Instagram @chelseakiaratravels and their couple page @loccgangtv

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