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A Travel Book To Inspire Young Black Kids To Travel

Salisha and her daughter Remy are a traveling mommy and daughter duo who have traveled to places like Colombia, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Salisha is also an Author of the book “Remy Takes Flight”. Salisha says “Working with young children inspired me to write books. I saw the need for children to be exposed to books with diverse characters and fun experiences to educate them further. After the birth of my daughter Remy, the desire to write a children's book grew stronger. I wanted to share our experiences. I also wanted to expose her to books with characters that were a representation of herself.”

Salisha works in the education system and was also inspired by her joy of being an educator, working with young children, and fostering their curiosity towards learning and exploring new things. Traveling with kids has become popular over the years with influencers inspiring families to travel and that it’s affordable. Salisha says “I believe that experience is our best teacher. Traveling exposes children to different cultures, languages, food, and the beauty of differences. Most importantly, it teaches children that there is a world much more extensive than their immediate community and the fantastic contributions they can make towards making it a better place.”

Being an Author is a huge accomplishment but it can also have its hurdles. The biggest hurdle Salisha faced writing and publishing Remy Takes Flight was doubt, which led to delay. Salisha says she second-guessed everything and wondered if people were going to enjoy and embrace the concept of the book. “I also wondered if it was written and illustrated well enough. In the end, I had to think about my WHY, which circled back to my love of travel, passion for educating young children, and my daughter, who inspires me daily”.

We asked Salisha to give two tips to someone thinking of writing a book and her tips were:

1- Be passionate and confident about what you are writing. When you love and enjoy what you do, it will show in your work, and it will resonate in the hearts of others.

2- Share your original ideas and experiences. No two people are alike, and that’s what will make your work stand out. We sometimes doubt our thoughts because we are unsure how it will be received. The truth is, there is an audience out there that will be inspired by or can relate to you and your work.⠀

Remy Takes Flight can be purchased on Salishas website,,, or directly from our publisher You can follow Salisha and Remy and their family adventures on Instagram @remytakesflight

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