*Please Note* Itinerary can be switched around to different days depending on different circumstances

January 24th 2023

January 25th 2023

January 26 2023

January 27 2023

Welcome Dinner - Today you will fly into Benin and get settled at our beautiful and cozy property in the heart of the capital city. We will bring in the trip with a themed sunset welcome dinner which will be the perfect way to meet your new family that you’ll be exploring with for the next 6 days.

Today we will be visiting the floating village of Ganvie. Ganvie is a village built on stilts in the middle of Lake Nokoué in southern Benin, close to the city of Cotonou. The village was founded in the 17th century by people looking for peace and safety during the slave trade. We will have lunch at Ganvie by local village women at a floating restaurant in Ganvie. After visiting this unique village we will stop at a local market where this will be a perfect time to get some souvenirs or some hand crafted items.

Today we will drive to the city of Porto Novo where we will get a kayak and cruise around the serene and tranquil river. As you cruise you may see local kids swimming in the river, adults working in the river, and the locals living their normal lives. We will cruise to a local village where you will witness how they live day to day and interact with them. They may even greet you with some village made liquor!

Are you brave enough to hold a snake? Well today we will be visiting a Python temple where we will learn all about the religion and even get to make a wish at the sacred tree. We will do a slave road tour to learn all about the slavery that happened in Benin. This tour is powerful and you’ll gain so much knowledge about Benin’s history. We will end the day with visiting another interesting village.

January 28 2023

Today we will head to the voodoo village where we will have a special ceremony done for us. This day is one for the books!

We will check out the nightlife in Benin, dance to some afrobeats, and sip on a cocktail or two or three.

January 29 2023

Today we will witness more of the culture of Benin by visiting a unique village where we will witness a special dance. The dance is one aspect of Yoruba culture of celebration, which cuts across virtually all Yoruba towns and settlements. It involves carefully choreographed dance, singing and music, and especially drumming. The performances are given by men, wearing masks that feature sculpted images of scenes including animals and people


We will end the second half of the day by having a beach day and have a farewell toast.

January 30 2023

The US requires you take a rapid covid test 24 hours before your flight to get back into the USA to we will take a covid test and head to the airport.


- English speaking guide for all tours and excursions

- Themed welcome dinner 

-Transportation to and from all scheduled activities

-Air conditioned vehicle

-Professional & licensed driver

-Professional candid photos

-Professional candid drone footage

-UFC swag bag

- All village tour fees

- 6 days & 5 night hotel accommodations with pool, air conditioner, wifi and more.

-All entrance fees

-All boat rentals

- 2 Urban Flight Collective hosts to assist you during the trip

-Flight assistance before the trip to ensure you are getting the best deal from your chosen airport




- Air fare

- Covid Tests


-Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

- Visa Fees

-Any required vaccines

-Scheduled solo professional photos

-Entrance to parties or any other activities not mentioned In the itinerary





-Yellow fever vaccine on WHO Yellow Card required

-Tourist visa

-The Government of Benin requires all inbound air passengers to Cotonou to present a negative PCR or negative antigen test result prior to boarding the flight. The PCR test must have been taken within 5 days of arrival in Cotonou and the antigen test within 72 hours of arrival in Cotonou.

-The Government of Benin will not accept a certificate of recovery for either entry or departure requirements

-Is a curfew in place? No.





Payment 1 May 2022- $250 

Payment 2 June 2022- $250 

Payment 3 July 2022- $250 

Payment 4 August 2022- $250 

Payment 5 September 2022- $250 

Payment 6 October 2022- $250 

Payment 7 November 2022- $250 

Payment 8 December 2022- $250 

Payment 9 January 2023- $250